Blogger. It’s a word with multiple meanings! So you have the word blogger as a description of a person who has a blog and posts on it. But you also have Blogger, the platform of Google.

Let’s start with the meaning of blogger as the name of the popular blog platform Blogger. On you can start a blog for free, quickly and very easily. Blogger is also from Google, which I think is a plus. Whatever else you think of Google, it is a powerful search engine. Blogger used to be called Blogspot by the way. You can still see that in the domain name: Blogspot was developed by Pyra Labs in 1999. In 2003 Google took over the blog platform.

Many prejudices about the Blogger platform
Blogger as a platform is still one of the best ways to start a blog. But there are a lot of prejudices about the Blogger platform unfortunately. For example, many people say that you don’t own your content on Blogger, that you can’t make any money with it and that it’s better to switch to But those stereotypes are unjustified. I know many successful Blogger bloggers!

meaning blogger

And now to the term blogger as a person. Someone who blogs is a blogger : ) In fact, it’s as simple as that. But let’s see what Wikipedia says about it. Wikipedia gives the following definition:

“Someone who keeps a blog.

A weblog, also called a blog, is basically a kind of online diary. A personal website where a blogger shares his experiences and thoughts. But nowadays there are all kinds of blogs, and most of them are not online diaries in 2019. So you have special news blogs, and beauty blogs do not look like diaries. Nowadays you even have group blogs, for which different people write posts.

Characteristic for a blog is that the latest posts are at the top, and the older ones at the bottom. Even with the magazine-like layout of blogs, this characteristic is still intact. A rough estimate is that there are over 500 million blogs in the world. One blogger can have multiple blogs, but I think it’s safe to say that there are around 500 million bloggers.

Types of bloggers
There are various types of bloggers. For example:

The hobby blogger: blogs to tell about his or her hobby.
The professional blogger: makes money with his or her blog.

The anonymous blogger: blogger who writes blog posts, but is careful not to reveal his or her identity.
The mom blogger. The mom blogger is a recent new phenomenon, and very popular among marketers. Mama bloggers usually have young children, and blog about their lives as mothers.
The niche blogger: blogs about 1 specific subject, and is an expert in it.
The Sorry-that-I-so-long-not-have-not-have-blogger. Every now and then writes a post with apologies for the long blog silence.
The Challenge blogger: this type of blogger is going to do a challenge, and blogs about it. For example, not spending money for a year.
The beauty blogger: some beauty bloggers even make it to famous Dutchman like Cynthia Schultz.
And of course, there are many more. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, in all walks of life. In fact, anyone who has a computer with an internet connection can become a blogger! And especially if you blog on the free Blogger platform you can think: Why not?! Blogging is fun to do, and it’s free too.

Last but not least, we can also talk about the meaning of a blogger. It’s not for nothing that bloggers are also called influencers nowadays, which I think is a terrible term. Bloggers can inspire their visitors, offer recognition and sometimes even feel like a friend.

If you visit a blog regularly, you get to know the blogger. You get a certain feeling with that person. A good example of such a blogger is Gerlinde who emigrated to Norway with her family. She is a type of blogger of whom I regularly think: ‘What would Gerlinde think of that?’ and then I visit her blog to check it out. In that sense she is an influencer.

N.B. You sometimes even see that people get to know each other through a blog and then meet in real life. This kind of meeting always seems to have a positive effect. So apparently, the impression people get of each other through a blog is pretty good.

Merel Roze is known as one of the first real bloggers with her blog It even earned her a book deal. Also well known among beauty bloggers is Cynthia from Furthermore I can’t really mention many famous blogs. I think they are often in the beauty niche, and I don’t have much use for that.