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The platform is really simple to use. I can sit down at my pc for five minutes, add a workshop, change sections of content and I’m done. So, I have more time with my family and friends

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Minimal Blog

The platform is really simple to use. I can sit down at my pc for five minutes, add a workshop, change sections of content and I’m done. So, I have more time with my family and friends


What is a blog? What is a website? And what is the difference between a blog and a website?

Have you ever wondered…

Because sometimes that’s not quite clear. And people often use the terms blog and website rather randomly mixed up.

Confusing … especially as a beginning blogger 🙂 because if you say you’re a blogger … do you automatically have a blog or a website with a blog?

What is a website?

A website is a set of different web pages with data, text, images, videos, audio, pdf’s etc. which are usually all about the same company or subject.

Visitors can then access and view this information via the internet (the world wide web).

On the website you can click through to the different parts of the site in various ways, including via a ‘menu’.

What is a blog?

The word ‘blog’ is actually an abbreviation of the original name weblog. Nowadays, the term weblog is no longer used and everyone just talks about a blog.

But what is a blog anyway?

A blog is a place on the internet (a kind of website) that gets updates and new content with a certain regularity. That can be written text, but also images, videos, audio, pdf’s, etcetera.

The blog posts on a blog are in reverse chronological order (the most recent at the top) and were originally a kind of (personal) diary of the writer.

Blog posts are often also called messages (blog posts) or articles. Or they are sometimes called blogs… ‘I’ve written a new blog’, which means a new piece of text on his blog.

Blogs usually encourage you to be interactive; there are possibilities to leave comments underneath the blog posts and there are social media buttons so you can easily share the posts with others.

Photo with text overlay: What’s the difference between a blog and a website? And which one should be used for your purpose?

What is the difference between a blog and a website?
A blog is always a website. But a website is not always a blog.

Actually, you could make a classification as follows when it comes to the difference between a blog and a website:

the website is (mainly) a blog; the blog posts are in the majority and most important
the website has a blog; the informative pages are central, but there is also a blog integrated in the website
the website is just a website; without blog posts or blogs
Makes sense… doesn’t it?

Still a little more detailed what the differences are then.

The website is (mainly) a blog
Here it’s all about the blog and the blog posts. Most of the website is occupied by the blog.

There are also other pages that contain different information, data that always remains the same.

Sometimes the blog posts are already shown directly on the homepage (or the homepage is the blog overview), but not always. This website can also have a static homepage, which then links to the blog. Or to different parts (or categories) of the blog.

This website – on which you are now reading a blog post – is an example of 🙂. The vast majority of the content consists of blog posts.

The food & health site is another example of a website that is a blog.

EcoBioLiving Blog – image homepage

In this example you can see that the blog posts are integrated in the homepage.

The website has a blog
With this species, it gets a little confusing…

There is a blog with blog posts on these sites. But that is not the most important content.

The blog is then used, for example, to announce new products in a webshop. But the website (webshop in this case) is mainly about the other pages with products.

Or on a company website sometimes a blog is kept with news, background info or a report of an open day for example.

Many companies also use the blog to provide their website with new content to attract new visitors and to score better in Google.

The website is just a website
There are also websites that are just websites, without a blog function.

These websites then only consist of static pages with all the information they want to show to their visitors and customers.

What kind of website should you use for your purpose?
Different aspects can play a role in that choice. What does your visitor expect? What is he/she looking for? How much time can or do you want to spend on your website? How easy is it for you to come up with and write new content or information?

But one of the aspects I would definitely take into account is Google SEO 🙂 because besides your visitors, you also want to keep them satisfied.

One of the factors that Google uses to